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How to measure the offset of a walk-in door!

Replacing the hardware on a walk-in cooler or freezer? Just as important as noting whether the door is hinged on the right or left side, take a look and see whether the door rests flush or offset to the jamb. If there is an offset to the door, accurately measuring the length between the door and the jamb is critical to ordering the correct hinge, latch or strike you need for the job!

Check out the image below (courtesy of our friends at Kason!). This is a bird’s eye view looking down on a walk-in door. See how the door sticks out a little from the jamb? That’s an offset door right there!

With the door closed, run your tape measure from the jamb to the top of the door (i.e. pull the measure towards yourself and parallel to the floor). That length is the door’s offset, which typically runs between 1/2” and 2”.

Take a look at the Kason 1245 hinges in the image below. The hinge on the left is for a flush mounted door, and the hinge on the right is for a door with a 1-3/8” offset. Big difference, right?

What about these Kason K58 latch and strike assemblies? Imagine how the one on the left would fit a flush door, while the assembly on the right is for an offset door. Notice the height different between the two strikes.

Are you looking for door closers, latches or other door hardware? Request a quote today and let us help you find what you need!

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