Don’t Blow a Gasket Installing New Gaskets!

How to “relax” and replace gaskets

SLAM. BAM. WHAM. Gaskets seem to take a worse beating than New York’s starting quarterbacks (see Delfield’s hilarious instragram post). Between ordinary wear and tear and the Health Department’s exacting standards, it’s no wonder gaskets are one of the most commonly replaced parts on refrigeration equipment.

Making sure new gaskets have a proper seal is critical. A perfect seal ensures the cooler is running efficiently, which extends compressor life and reduces electricity bills.

While the necessary steps to measure and replace an existing gasket will depend on a few things, the following tips for relaxing gaskets prior to install are universal. Give your gaskets a plyable and flexible feel to ensure you get the perfect seal!

  • Fill up a sink or tub with hot (but not boiling!) water, and let the gaskets rest submerged for five minutes; or 
  • Place gasket in a hot room such as a furnace or boiler room for about 30 minutes. Just make sure room temp doesn’t exceed 110 degrees and always keep gasket away from any open flame; or 
  • Leave gaskets out in the sun on a hot day for a few hours.
  • Use a heat gun or hair dryer to warm up problem areas of gasket. Just use caution to avoid burning the gasket.

Install the relaxed gasket as soon as possible! The more relaxed the gasket, the shorter the break-in period for a replacement gasket to conform to an old door.

Screw-on, push-in, dart, glass door, compression? No matter the size, shape or profile, Pelco Parts has a massive inventory of gaskets that can keep your unit running efficiently and to code! Request a quote today and tell us what’cha working with!

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